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Film (17:42)
A House on the Prairie
1978, production : Ron Bashford, Bob Lower
The promise of riches in a new land lured many settlers to...
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Film (20:05)
Forest Under Siege
Two million six hundred square kilometers of forest are the...
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Film (17:23)
Design Innovations for Canadian Settlements
1976, production : Bruce Mackay
A look at innovative housing and community design in...
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Film (52:10)
The Great Clean-up
1976, production : James Carney
This film is about the Great Lakes, how they were polluted...
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Film (51:30)
A Great White Bird
1976, production : Michael McKennirey
This film documents the efforts of a group of people in...
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Film (25:28)
The Forest Watchers
1975, production : Peter Raymont
The Forest Watchers tells us some remarkable things...
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Film (18:52)
Plea for the Wanderer
1975, production : Jean Coutu
From river to sea, and back to river again, this film...
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Film (20:00)
Another Side of the Forest
1974, production : Raoul Fox, Strowan Robertson
The Canadian forest with science on its side--a fascinating...
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The Great Clean-up



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Film  (52:10) 1976, production : James Carney
This film is about the Great Lakes, how they were polluted and how they are being cleaned up. To tidy up the biggest body of fresh water in the world is a massive operation. The Great Clean-up documents some of the elements of this operation, including changes to legislation affecting the emission of industrial pollutants into the environment, on both sides of the Canada/US. border. The film's images speak very strongly for the importance of saving the Great Lakes from further pollution.

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