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Individuals as Citizens and Consumers
This sub-section examines the damage caused by over-consumption, looks at citizens' responsibility and suggests some ways of protecting the environment.
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Excerpt (1:11)
An Ecology of Hope
2001, production : Fernand Dansereau
Environmental action can take many forms - public and...
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Excerpt (2:06)
Le Mont Rigaud : une colline chez les hommes
2000, production : André Desrochers
Hunters often share conservation ethics with...
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Excerpt (2:19)
Journey of the Blob/Voyage sans fin
1989, production : Bill Maylone
Waste disposal is brought into question when a boy creates a...
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Excerpt (1:40)
Class Project: The Garbage Movie
1980, production : Martin Defalco
Students attending high school in 1980 learn about...
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Class Project: The Garbage Movie
Excerpt  (1:40) 1980, production : Martin Defalco
The film
Students attending high school in 1980 learn about Montreal's recycling program. Waste paper, for example, can be transformed into insulation, which in turns helps cut energy consumption. Recycling is now done in most North American cities, as concerned citizens work with municipal governments to reduce and recycle domestic waste. But household recycling handles only part of society's total waste.

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A group of pupils, aged eight to thirteen, embark on a school project to find out all they can about garbage, its composition, its disposal and the impact of its disposal on the environment. The places they visit tell us a lot about the society we live in and about ecology, cities, art and history. Most important of all, the students learn that what we do today has an impact on what happens tomorrow.
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