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Lesson plan for the film
Bravery in the Field

Overall Objective
These lessons involve creative writing, art, computer graphics and social studies. All activities centre on Canadian war decorations.  

Grade Level
Advanced 9–12 and beyond. This unit can be adapted to younger grades and different courses of study in various Canadian provinces and territories.

Content Areas
Social Studies
Language Arts
Computer Literacy

Materials Required
Access to a computer lab, Internet connection, data projector, flip chart paper or whiteboard, writing paper, PowerPoint or similar and a graphic software package such as MS Paint or Corel Draw.

These lessons encourage the learner to examine and evaluate the decorations awarded to Canadian military personnel and to propose designs for new medals. Students will also write journal entries about events that demonstrate a lack of respect towards decorated war veterans. These lessons are best completed in the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day.

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