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Film title
Film (2:20)
Keep Your Mouth Shut
1944, director: Norman McLaren

The last film made by Norman McLaren during the

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Film (21:00)
Our Northern Neighbour
1944, director: Tom Daly
This look at Soviet foreign policy from 1917 through World...
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Film (13:00)
Train Busters
1944, director: Sydney Newman
The film opens with a description of the strength and...
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Film (15:00)
Welcome Soldier
1941 legislation adopted in Canada has been an example to...
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Film (19:00)
Banshees Over Canada
1943, director: James Beveridge
Illustrating Britain's preparations for air attack, scenes...
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Film (24:00)
Battle Is Their Birthright
1943, director: Stuart Legg
This wartime film shows the toughening of soldiers and...
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Film (22:00)
Corvette Port Arthur
1943, director: Joris Ivens
A film tribute to the Royal Canadian Navy. The stars: those...
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Film (21:00)
Labour Front
This film on the mobilization of manpower during World War...
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Battle Is Their Birthright



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Film  (24:00) 1943, director: Stuart Legg
This wartime film shows the toughening of soldiers and compares the military obedience of Japanese and Nazi youth with the education for citizenship practised in the Soviet Union and China.

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