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See Everything, Hear Everything
Watch films, excerpts and view archival artefacts—all chosen by
NFB experts—plus much more!
Propaganda: The Battle for Hearts and Minds
Students will view video clips taken from NFB films made during World War II. They will...
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Film (48:48)
Unwanted Soldiers
1999, director: Jari Osborne
Students will gain an understanding of how Canada's enlistment policies discriminated...
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Film (31:02)
Mackenzie King and the Conscription Crisis
1991, director: Erna Buffie
This lesson plan involves several group activities to get students thinking about Canada's...
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Film (51:59)
The Pacifist Who Went to War
2002, director: David Neufeld
Using conscientious objection during World War II as a springboard, this lesson plan...
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Film (38:13)
Fields of Sacrifice
1963, director: Donald Brittain
These two activities explore the main theme of Fields of Sacrifice: the collective memory...
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Film (28:35)
Bravery in the Field
1979, director: Giles Walker
This lesson encourages the learner to examine and evaluate the decorations awarded to...
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Film (46:35)
Lost Over Burma: Search for Closure
1997, director: Garth Pritchard
A 4-class lesson plan designed to help students design their own games using MS PowerPoint...
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Film (46:40)
Rosies of the North
1999, director: Kelly Saxberg
The lesson gives students an opportunity to see how the role of women in the workplace has...
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